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Are concerns about safe and effective workouts during pregnancy and the potential risk of diastasis recti keeping you up at night?

Rest easy as my expert-backed guide empowers you with proven strategies, targeted exercises, and invaluable insights to address these worries head-on, allowing you to confidently navigate your fitness journey while safeguarding your core strength and overall well-being.

Whether you're eager to maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy, ensure your baby's optimal development, or simply want to experience the joy of motherhood with vitality and confidence, our introductory guide will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to make informed choices and embrace the transformative journey of pregnancy with unwavering enthusiasm.

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Hi, I'm Cassidy

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Coaching & Nutrition Coaching

I’m a former Gymnastics & CrossFit coach who turned Nutrition & Pre/Postnatal coach with a HUGE passion for helping women and giving them the tools and support through their pregnancy and nutritional needs (pre & post baby)
I’ve achieved some great things in my life, elite gymnast with too many medals to count, 8th Fittest Women in the World (CrossFit), and I have opened 3 CrossFit Gyms (CrossFit WaterSide).
With 18+ years of experience in coaching, I help moms all over the world achieve their healthiest sustainable lifestyles through my nutrition program. I help guide moms to be through a healthy & FIT pregnancy in my Bump to Baby program AND bring back the nourishing pre-pregnancy body through Bump to Baby Postpartum program.
Where does my knowledge come from? Well.. I competed in elite gymnastics as a child then continued with a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Washington. Where I studied and earned my BA in Nutrition. I then continued my education at Texas Tech University where I earned my MA in Rehabilitation.
There is more… I’m a wife, and a mom to two sweet & energetic baby boys with more on the way (a work in progress, because my family is not complete, yet) and lover of surfing, water skiing and of course food.
Helping women achieve everything they’ve ever wanted in pregnancy, nutrition– and then some.
Cassidy Lance McWherter

Inside this Guide, You'll find


Exercise Guide

Don't Freak Out! You Can Still Workout!


Nutrition Guide

What Is The Proper Amount of Calories You Should Consume


Pelvic Floor Importance

You can lift heavy weights during pregnancy. I'll share with you how to do it safely.

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Pre & Postnatal Fitness Coaching & Nutrition Coaching

BA: Nutrition science
MA: Rehabilitation
Pregnancy: ACE, NASM, AFPA, AFAA, canfitpro

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