21 Day BumpUp

Pregnancy Nutrition & Fitness Challenge

Experience Your Healthiest Pregnancy

Are you a soon-to-be mama who wants to eat and move better for the healthiest pregnancy possible? If you're looking to feel fit, healthy, knowledgeable, and confident throughout your entire pregnancy, then the 21 Day BumpUp Pregnancy Challenge is the solution for you!

Imagine feeling completely supported in your fitness and nutrition journey, knowing exactly what exercises and movements are safe for you and your baby.

Say goodbye to confusion about what to eat or avoid during pregnancy and confidently make choices that benefit both you and your baby.

No more endless Googling or feeling overwhelmed with information—this challenge is designed to help you have a healthy, fit, and enjoyable pregnancy!

A Look Inside the 21 Day BumpUp Challenge

Expertly Designed Workouts

Custom workouts designed specifically for mamas-to-be, with guidelines and modifications to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy.

Core Strengthening and Pelvic Floor Exercises

Learn how to strengthen your core through breath work and exercise, including movements that target your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Receive a nutrition plan that outlines the exact foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy. Discover the key minerals essential for you and your baby's health, along with delicious recipes to satisfy your cravings.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Learn simple and effective methods to monitor your heart rate during exercise, ensuring you maintain a safe and healthy workout routine.

Calorie Guidelines

Understand how many calories to add during each trimester and while breastfeeding, providing optimal nutrition for you and your baby.

Preparation for Birth

Engage in exercises that help you prepare for the birth of your baby, empowering you with physical strength and confidence.

Hi, I'm Cassidy

Pre and Postnatal Nutrition and Fitness Coach

I’m a former Gymnastics & CrossFit coach who turned Nutrition & Pre/Postnatal coach with a HUGE passion for helping women and giving them the tools and support through their pregnancy and nutritional needs (pre & post baby).

I’ve achieved some great things in my life, elite gymnast with too many medals to count, 8th Fittest Women in the World (CrossFit), and I have opened 3 CrossFit Gyms (CrossFit WaterSide).

With 18+ years of experience in coaching, I help moms all over the world achieve their healthiest sustainable lifestyles through my nutrition program. I help guide moms to be through a healthy & FIT pregnancy in my Bump to Baby program AND bring back the nourishing pre-pregnancy body through Bump to Baby Postpartum program.

Now, I've created the 21 Day BumpUp Pregnancy Challenge to help YOU achieve the same!

But don't just take my word for it!

Here's what some of my clients have to say

“Working with Cassidy during my pregnancy helped to take so much stress out of continuing to exercise. The importance of exercising while pregnancy is well know, but continuing CrossFit can be hard to navigate and leave you wondering how to best keep moving and keep you and your baby safe but Cassidy makes it so easy! She’s so supportive and has so much knowledge to share."
Happy & Healthy Mother
"I loved the program, We did everything, little by little, we need to be patient with the proses and this program help us a lot. Thank you Cassidy."
Camila Lima
"I was so thankful to have Cassidy’s prenatal programming! I was dealing with so many changes due to limited equipment and just being unsure on what I should be doing in each trimester. She was so accommodating and it was one less thing for me to think about. This allowed me to keep moving throughout my pregnancy which was my goal!"
“I was so happy with how enjoyable and beneficial the programming was during pregnancy that I also followed the postpartum programming. Then when we found out we were expecting number 2, I contacted Cassidy, immediately to see had room to take me on again, as a client. Working out pregnant can be challenging, but Cassidy has definitely helped ease the stress, and made me look forward to the challenges each day."
Bump to Baby pro
21 Day BumpUp

Pregnancy Nutrition & Fitness Challenge

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Absolutely! The BumpUp Challenge is designed with the safety and well-being of mamas-to-be in mind. The workouts and nutrition plan are tailored to suit different stages of pregnancy, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience throughout the 21 days.

The 21 Day BumpUp Pregnancy Challenge is a self-paced program, which means you can start whenever you’re ready! Once you join the challenge, you’ll gain immediate access to all the resources, workouts, and nutrition plans. You can start right away or choose a date that best fits your schedule. The program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to begin at a time that works best for you and your pregnancy journey. So, don’t worry about missing a specific start date—start whenever you feel ready to take on the challenge and begin your path to a healthy and fit pregnancy!

No, you don’t need any fancy equipment to participate in the challenge. While we provide looped band workouts for those who prefer working out at home with minimal equipment, you can complete the exercises using your body weight and simple household items.

Absolutely! The BumpUp Challenge includes core strengthening exercises and breath work specifically designed to address diastasis recti. You will learn how to control it during workouts and daily activities, promoting a strong core and overall well-being.

Yes, we understand that each pregnancy journey is unique, and dietary needs may vary. The nutrition plan includes a variety of foods, and we offer suitable alternatives for those with dietary restrictions or specific preferences. You’ll still receive a well-balanced and nutritious plan tailored to your needs.

The BumpUp Challenge is designed to be manageable for busy soon-to-be mamas. The workouts can typically be completed in around 30 minutes a day, and you’ll have the flexibility to fit them into your schedule. Additionally, the nutrition plan and daily affirmations can be incorporated seamlessly into your daily routine.

We are here for you every step of the way! If you have any questions or need support, you can reach out to our dedicated support team or directly contact Cassidy at cassidy@clmnutrition.com. We are committed to ensuring you have a successful and rewarding experience with the BumpUp Pregnancy Challenge.

To embark on this incredible 21 Day BumpUp Pregnancy Challenge, all you need to do is:

Imagine feeling healthy, fit, and strong throughout your pregnancy.

Say goodbye to morning sickness and confidently make food choices that nourish both you and your baby. It's time to invest in yourself and your baby's future.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Coaching & Nutrition Coaching

BA: Nutrition science
MA: Rehabilitation
Pregnancy: ACE, NASM, AFPA, AFAA, canfitpro

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