5 Secrets To Having The Best Body Of Your Life!

Find out what it REALLY takes to look, be and feel your best while working full time and being a mom in 2022…

whether you are just starting out or think you have it down..

In my nutrition coaching course you will learn the 5 secrets to making your body the body of your dreams!

Zero guesswork required!

So, you’re ready to get control of your body

But you’re feeling stuck, not sure where to begin and overwhelmed by all the advice you’re finding on the internet ….

Individualized Nutrition Coaching

My model is based on an 80/20 lifestyle. I believe you can be 80% perfect with your diet and let life happen the other 20%.

I offer individualized nutrition coaching with weekly or bi-weekly check-ins. This is where I take the guessing out! Everyone’s goals are different, and I am here to meet your personal needs! This is an individualized plan that yields results. I have a complete online coaching system that will give you the best nutrition and accountability support there is. We will start with macronutrients and customize your program to you on your fitness journey.

What you will receive:

So you are ready to have a baby and you want to have a safe and healthy pregnancy

But there is so much information on the internet about what to do and what not to do…

Prenatal & Postnatal Coaching

My passion in life is to help others. I love seeing you achieve the small things in life!

Whether you are a stay at home mom, or an elite athlete let me help guide you to your best self!

I build custom training programs based on your equipment availability. Home or in gym workouts. There are videos to go along with every movement.

Workouts are 4 days a week with optional 5 & 6 days. One rest day each week to recharge and rebuild for the following week!

Hi, I'm Cassidy

I’m a former Gymnastics & CrossFit coach who turned Nutrition & Pre/Postnatal coach with a HUGE passion for helping women and giving them the tools and support through their pregnancy and nutritional needs (pre & post baby)

I’ve achieved some great things in my life, elite gymnast with too many medals to count, 8th Fittest Women in the World (CrossFit), and I have opened 3 CrossFit Gyms (CrossFit WaterSide).

With 18+ years of experience in coaching, I help moms all over the world achieve their healthiest sustainable lifestyles through my nutrition program. I help guide moms to be through a healthy & FIT pregnancy in my Bump to Baby program AND bring back the nourishing pre-pregnancy body through Bump to Baby Postpartum program.

Where does my knowledge come from? Well.. I competed in elite gymnastics as a child then continued with a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Washington. Where I studied and earned my BA in Nutrition. I then continued my education at Texas Tech University where I earned my MA in Rehabilitation.

There is more… I’m a wife, and a mom to two sweet & energetic baby boys with more on the way (a work in progress, because my family is not complete, yet) and lover of surfing, water skiing and of course food.

Helping women achieve everything they’ve ever wanted in pregnancy, nutrition– and then some.

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Introducing The Bump to Baby Premium Program

A program built for a safe & healthy mama AND baby

Every single movement that is programed has a video for demonstration. There are three levels in the Bump to Baby program. All levels include multiple movement variations along with videos for your knowledge and education.

Take a peek!

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Let’s hear it from the Mama’s

"I was so grateful to have found Cassidy’s Bump to Baby program. As an expert in the field of postpartum rehabilitation, I can tell you that this plan is safe, effective, and fun! There were so many great ideas for movements to keep me entertained and fit through pregnancy. Cassidy is a great coach and is thoughtful with her programing. With three different levels to choose from each day, you can decide how intense you feel you can be on any given day! I am happy to recommend her program to moms no matter where they are in their fitness journey."
Dr. Karlie Causey
Physician & Mother
“I was so happy with how enjoyable and beneficial the programming was during pregnancy that I also followed the postpartum programming. Then when we found out we were expecting number 2, I contacted Cassidy, immediately to see had room to take me on again, as a client. Working out pregnant can be challenging, but Cassidy has definitely helped ease the stress, and made me look forward to the challenges each day”.
Bump to Baby pro
“Working with Cassidy for my postpartum has been great! I started with her at around 4/5 weeks postpartum via 3rd csection. When I started with Cassidy I didn’t even know there was a right or wrong way to breath lol. Cassidy was available to answer any and all questions and always gave recommendations for me when needed. The zoom calls were great and having her watch me do movements to make sure my core was engaging when it was suppose to was also helpful. She helped me understand what engaging your core is suppose to feel like during movements. She has just taught me so much over the last 8 weeks, things I didn’t do after my first two pregnancies. Everything she’s taught me I will take with me while I am slowly getting back into my pre pregnancy CrossFit and lifting programming. Her pregnancy/postpartum programming was very helpful and beneficial without it I would have not known how to even get back into CrossFit or lifting without probably hurting myself. You don’t realize how weak your core muscles or pelvic floor are until you have a baby. I’m so glad I was able to work with her and I will continue to work with her for my nutrition! Thanks so much Cassidy for everything!”
Jess 🖤
One Happy Mama
“Working with Cassidy during my pregnancy helped to take so much stress out of continuing to exercise. The importance of exercising while pregnancy is well know, but continuing CrossFit can be hard to navigate and leave you wondering how to best keep moving and keep you and your baby safe but Cassidy makes it so easy! She’s so supportive and has so much knowledge to share."
Happy & Healthy Mother​
“Working with Cassidy was fantastic! She knew where I was coming from in postpartum recovery and sure to check with me and see how I was feeling before we moved on in any next level programming. I always felt heard, taken care of and challenged, which was important for my confidence in my recovery”.
We did it TOGETHER